Embark on a captivating journey through the mystical realms of Rokugan as a merchant representing one of the illustrious clans. Invest in trade ports, markets, and shrines; build influence with manor houses; and deliver valuable contracts to amass wealth and rise above your rivals. With fast turns, multiple strategies, and a richly detailed world, River of Gold offers an enchanting experience where wealth and power await those who dare to seize them.

Will you reign over the River of Gold? 

2 - 4
60 - 90'

Game Includes

  •  1 Game Board 
  • 4 Custom Dice 
  • 8 Standard Ships 
  • 4 Royal Ships 
  • 75 Trade Goods 
  • 95 Koku 
  • 4 Divine Favor Sun Markers 
  • 4 Divine Favor Moon Markers 
  • 4 Scoring Markers 
  • 88 Clan Markers 
  • 6 Region Scoring Tiles 
  • 6 Mastery Cards 
  • 30 Customer Cards 
  • 49 Building Tiles 
  • 4 Player Aid Cards 
  • 4 Clan Boards 
  • 8 Clan Patron Cards included in the Clan Patron Expansion 
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Meet the Designer: Keith Piggott

Before there were the raging waters of Rokugan, there was another theme brewing “Originally the game was themed around the rise of Route 66 in America. Instead of visiting shrines and ports, you were stopping at diners and service stations.” Keith shares “I think the design ended up fitting really well into L5R. We made several changes during development that helped bring out the setting and theme, such as expanding the customer cards. Instead of just delivering a set of resources and getting points, you’re delivering porcelain to a noble who then upgrades one of your ships, or silk to an elder who helps you gain influence in the region where they live.”

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I really like it, turns are easy to understand what to do, as you want to either go for the masteries, building something useful, or completing your deliveries to customers.


Great Game, played it on BGA.


it’s all about balancing the basic actions : travel the river to get resources, spend money to build buildings (like in Lord Of Waterdeep, this gives you bonuses when they are visited), or fulfill customers in your hand. All the while competing for majorities on 6 regional tracks.