Let's Make Great Games Together!

Office Dog Games was created as a studio dedicated to developing community-sourced ideas for Asmodee North America, and that’s exactly what we are doing! We work with freelance game designers, developers, illustrators, and writers to make great games and tell amazing stories. Below you will find information about the games we are interested in publishing and how to submit your pitches to our team.


Games that make us wag our tails are:

  • Creative, innovative, clever, and fun
  • Suitable for a global audience
  • Deeply play-tested and ready to work with a publisher
  • Sure to evoke strong emotions from players
  • Thematically original and presented in a mechanically authentic way
  • Bringing something new and exciting to the gaming community

If your game hits all of the above criteria, send an email to bbornmueller@asmodeena.com with the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Game name or working title
  • Link to a short overview video (2-3 minutes, MP4) highlighting why your game fits what we are looking for
  • Style of game and/or types of mechanic used
  • Short description (2-4 sentences) of the gameplay and theme (note if theme is flexible or if you have other ideas for the theme)
  • Highlight what about the game is the most fun
  • Highlight what other games that a player of your game might love
  • Highlight what emotions/feelings/reactions your game is trying to evoke
  • A couple images to help us visualize the game during play (it’s okay that the game is visually unfinished, but the photos should be well-lit and demonstrate the game clearly)
  • A list of key components
  • Player Count
  • Estimated Play Time
  • Intended Age Range
  • Any previous publication history for this game or other games you’ve designed

This is best presented in a Sell Sheet and should easily fit on ONE page in an easy-to-read format.

We look forward to hearing from you! Woof woof!